Fried Haloumi And Strawberry Salad With Black Pepper Balsamic

Serves 6

Cooking Time Prep time 15 mins, cook time 10 mins.

250 gm.Haloumi Cheese, cut into slices

60 gm.Flour

200gBaby Spinach, picked

50 gm.Sliced Almonds, Toasted

1 Punnet Strawberries, Cut In Wedges

6 tbsp.Olive Oil

2Tbsp.Balsamic Vinegar


Salt And Pepper

Micro Basil Leaves

Rinse and spin the Baby Spinach dry.

Arrange the Spinach, Strawberries and Almonds on a salad platter

Season the Flour with Salt and Black Pepper then dredge the Haloumi in  the flour.

Dust of the excess Flour.

Meanwhile heat a non-stick frying pan, with a tablespoon of Olive Oil.

Fry the Haloumi on both sides, until golden brown.

In a bowl dissolve the Salt in the balsamic, then drizzle in the Olive Oil until emulsified.

Pour  dressing over the salad, just before serving, then grind a generous amount of black pepper over the salad and scatter with micro basil.