Banting Rusks

Another year has passed and here we are in 2015 with more knowledge and new goals and dreams. My highlight of 2014 was the discovery of Professor Tim Noakes’s, The Real Meal Revolution. Not only did my cholesterol go down, but I am effortlessly maintaining a healthy weight for the first time in my life. For 8 months in 2014 I played around with recipes and tried and tested some existing ones. My goal for 2015: To share my favourite tested Banting recipes with you all and also to try out my own new ideas for amazing Banting meals. For those of you already Banting, you know the benefits of this tasty lifestyle, but if you decide to make a change to Banting for 2015, well here is to a year of health and an abundance of feel good energy!

The first recipe I am sharing with you is absolutely genius, healthy, tasty and better than the original! The master mind behind this recipe is Nicolette Schoonbee and I have to say, these Banting rusks are the best I have ever tasted! This recipe also tastes incredible warm out of the oven with layers of good quality butter. YUM!!!




125g butter, melted

1 cup cream

4 eggs

1 cup milled flaxseeds

1 cup desiccated coconut

1 cup almond flour

1 cup mixed seeds (I used 1/3 cup sesame, 1/3 sunflower and 1/3 cup mixed flax and pumpkin seeds)

2 ½ tsp baking powder

¾ cup xylitol

Salt to taste


-Preheat oven to 180C, grease 2 small loaf tins (I used 1 large loaf tin with a strip of baking paper to cover the bottom of the tin)

-Whisk together the butter, cream and eggs. Stir in the rest of the ingredients until well combined. Divide the mixture between the prepared loaf tins and bake or 30 to 35 minutes, or until firm. (My 1 larger loaf baked for 40 to 45 minutes)

-Leave to cool down. Reduce oven temperature to 70C, cut into 1cm slices and arrange flat on a baking tray. Dry out overnight or until dry.

-Store in an airtight container.